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The OHLA Innovation & Technology Initiative seeks to find solutions for the lodging industry that support five key areas. Sustainability, health & wellness and automation/robotics are part of the committee's core values.

  1. Labor 
  2. Supply Chain/Inventory Management
  3. Communication
  4. Property Management
  5. Guest Experience/Delivery

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To learn more about the OHLA Innovation & Technology Initiative. Check out our Innovation & Technology White Paper.

Projects & Pitch Programs

Call for Solutions & Reverse Pitch Competition

The OHLA Call for Solutions aims to discover, vet, and implement a set of novel, technology-based (hardware and software) products and services to help solve some of the most pressing operational challenges in our industry. We are continually seeking submissions from research institutions, nascent tech firms, and leading commercial providers to submit their new and existing offerings for consideration in our Reverse Pitch Competition.  The first pitch competition was completed in October 2021. The top finalists will be selected to present in the awards ceremony at OHLA's Annual Conference annually in November.

Submissions are closed for 2022 but we are currently accepting submissions for 2023. Submissions will be reviewed in Fall of 2023.

For more information and to submit a solution, check out the Reverse Pitch Competition Call for Solutions Platform

Sue Graves Calendar Link is: https://calendly.com/suegraves/30m for best mutually beneficial time to meet and discuss solutions for the industry.

Reverse Pitch Round 2 - 2022



2nd Place Guest Ban
3rd Place eTIP


Ideation Workshop, powered by   SpaceIntel SpaceIntel

SpaceIntelThe purpose of the Ideation Workshop is to reinvent what a lodging experience looks like with sustainability, health & wellness, and automation/robotics in mind, creating immediate, short term, and long term solutions that operationalize workflow, grow revenue and improve the guest and employee experience.

The Ideation workshop was held at none other than the Idea Foundry in Columbus, OH where creators live and work and create.  Home | Idea Foundry

To learn more about the Ideation Workshop and Ideation process, you can review the Awaken Koala Proposal. The OHLA Innovation & Technology Committee is excited to present its findings later in 2022. 

Knightscope Roadshow

The Innovation & Technology Committee hosted the Knightscope Roadshow on May 4, 2022 at the Marriott Columbus OSU. Knightscope produces Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs) which is the future (now) for safety and security. Why ASRs?

  • Crime and public safety have a direct impact on economic recovery, especially in downtown/urban areas
  • Safety concerns impact workforce
  • Business must drive safety & security advancements
  • New technology can be part of how we tackle this challenge


To learn more about how an ASR could provide a safety & security solution for your property or facility, contact Sue Graves, Experience Alive. To find an upcoming Roadshow near you, check out the Knightscope Roadshow Pod Visits!

The Ohio State University Makeathon

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OHLA Sponsored the 2022 OSU OHI/O Makeathon seeking creative solutions for some of the lodging industry's greatest challenges. The Association gave two challenges and the students had one weekend to produce a hardware solution for cleaning a shower or automation in laundry.

Three teams chose to tackle our challenges. You can review their solutions below:

  1. Shower Scrubbing Robot - Click Here to Watch  
  2. A device that folds laundry, towels and rags - Click Here to Watch
  3. Automatic Laundry Reactor - Click Here to Watch 

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OHLA Innovation & Technology Committee


Sue Graves, Experience Alive, LLC

Committee Members Working Group Members
Michael Evans, AP Consulting, Columbus Kim Kelly-Bartley, Retired, White Castle, Columbus
Ken Haynie, Red Roof, Columbus Jake Huckaby, READY Robotics, Columbus
Ankit Mehta, Comfort Inn Piqua Hetal Patel, Cloud Solution Architect, Columbus
Bhavin Patel, EVOLV Hotels, Dayton Amy Wald, Green Luxe, Columbus
Rosalyn Ransaw, Red Roof, Columbus Barry McGraw, Ohio Soybean Council
Steve Williams, Spectrum, Columbus  
Arnold Becker, Advanced Floor Care  
Ketan Pema, Armoureye  


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