Stars of the Industry Awards Program - Nominations are OPEN for 2024!

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Your property’s OHLA membership provides access to one of our most valuable benefits for your organization and your team members—the Stars of the Industry Awards program. 

OHLA’s Star Awards give you an easy, free way to provide prestigious recognition to your employees. Awards and recognition opportunities are an important part of validating, thanking, encouraging, and retaining your best performers and boosting morale within your staff. Experts agree that adding industry recognition to your employee programs can help improve team culture, increase performance, and even reduce turnover. 

Taking a few minutes to complete the streamlined nomination form online will automatically recognize your candidates as nominees, making them eligible for local, statewide, and even national recognition. OHLA awards include a luncheon event recognizing all nominees and local winners in the late summer, followed by the statewide awards at the OHLA Annual Conference in November. Statewide winners are eligible for national recognition. Will you help us recognize our industry’s best by nominating candidates from your property?


Regional Nomination Deadline: JULY 1*

*Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton Lodging Councils

Statewide Ohio Stars Deadline: September 23


ULO Property of the Year Nominations


ULO Property of the Year Nomination Deadline: September 23rd


 How to Participate:

1) Use your existing account OR create a new account - you will be directed to the nomination form

2) Fill out the form & submit it for review. 

3) Wait for a confirmation email - It's as simple as that!

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 Criteria to Participate:

  • Any individual, property or allied member, can submit a nomination 
  • All team members of an OHLA member property are eligible for a Stars of the Industry Award or ULO Property of the Year Nomination.
    • With the exception of previous award recipients in their respective category. An award winner may not win in successive years for the same category. For example, if John Doe won General Manager of the Year in 2023, they will not be able to win the 2024 General Manager of the Year. John Doe CAN be nominated for a different category in 2024. 
  • Individuals can be nominated in the category most relevant to their roles and duties within their organization
  • Award winners will be determined based on a review by an impartial panel consisting of OHLA members & partner entity representatives 
  • Nominations should be for contributions made in the past calendar year
  • We encourage you to provide a profile picture or headshot of your nominee with the nomination form.


 Award Categories

Full-Service Categories
These categories are exclusive to self-identifying full-service properties. Full-Service properties can be defined as entities that have, but not limited to, an on-site restaurant and bar, on-site catering, room service, spas, and other in-house services.

SEL Categories
These categories are exclusive to self-identifying Select, Economy, and Limited Service (SEL) properties. SEL properties can be defined as entities that have mainly rooms-only operations, without on-site food & beverage operations. These properties may still have pools, fitness centers, or limited event space.

Specialty & Team Categories
These awards that can represent both full and SEL type properties, with the exception of Allied Member of the Year.

*Please note there will only be ONE WINNER for each city for the Service Superstar, Sales Leader, Hospitality Leadership Team, and Community Involvement categories!


Full Service Categories

Housekeeper of the Year

Front Desk Associate of the Year

F&B Team Member of the Year (Formerly Server of the Year)

Engineer of the Year

Supervisor/Manager of the Year

General Manager of the Year


Select, Economy, Limited-Service Categories

SEL Housekeeper of the Year

SEL Front Desk Associate of the Year

Attendant/Host of the Year

SEL Engineer of the Year

Jack of All Trades Award

SEL General Manager of the Year


Specialty & Team Categories

Service Superstar of the Year

HSMAI Sales Leader of the Year

Hospitality Leadership Team of the Year (Team Award)

Charitable & Community Involvement Award (Property Award)

Ohio Stars Only - Unique Lodging of Ohio Property of the Year (Property Award)

Ohio Stars Only - Allied Member of the Year (Membership Voted; Company Award)


Thank You to Our Partners